July 25
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The Investigative Committee of Armenia reports that the motions for selecting arrest as a pre-trial measure for five persons under the criminal case being investigated in relation to the cases of prima facie self-righteousness against the chief executive officer of Harsnakar Restaurant/Hotel Complex, unlawful deprivation of the latter’s liberty and causing pain and strong mental suffering on the part of Ruben Hayrapetyan, his son and the latter’s friends have been granted (updated).

Rafik Hayrapetyan voluntarily showed up at a district police station and later at the Investigative Committee hours after consideration of his pre-trial measure (arrest). He is charged, and a signature to not leave the country has been selected as a pre-trial measure.

As reported earlier, six persons have been engaged as accused-on-trial, are wanted, and motions for selecting arrest as pre-trial measure for those six persons have been filed with the Yerevan court of general jurisdiction.

Investigative and other procedural operations are being carried out to ensure full, objective and comprehensive investigation.

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