May 12
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YEREVAN. – During his press conference Wednesday, Armenia’s third President Serzh Sargsyan stated that the threat of war was extremely huge today.

When asked why he decided to hold a press conference earlier than promised—that is, when the current state of emergency in the country is lifted—and whether this means that there is something to be said before the publication of the report of the parliamentary inquiry committee which investigates the circumstances of the military actions in April 2016, the former president said that what he wanted to say was not related to the report. "It is due to the fact that events which are closely related to the April [2016] events are taking place in the country. The April [2016] war was not only a war; it was a major politico-military event that affected the internal and external agenda. The April [2016] war is closely linked to the defense and security of Nagorno-Karabakh [(Artsakh)]. This is one of the vital issues for our people. It is closely connected with the negotiation process, which, in my opinion, unfortunately, has either reached a deadlock or is not going as it should have.

As I have already said, the April [2016] war is also connected with our foreign policy; that is why the events unfolding around our country today are very dangerous.

If we sum up what was said, I can state that the threat of war is extremely huge today. And every combat action, be it 4 or 7 days, needs a proper investigation. A list of actions and tasks is made even after the military exercises of the armed forces so that we are ready, God forbid, for military actions. On the other hand, are you sure that the state of emergency will end in the near future? I'm not sure," Sargsyan said.

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