September 26
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There is no designated meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan at this moment, but there are discussions. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated during a question-and-answer session in parliament today.

Talking about the latest statement by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, Pashinyan considered it constructive and stated the following: “The statement complies with Armenia’s notions of continuation of the negotiations. Armenia has principles for negotiations, but it has also stated that those principles aren’t considered a precondition. We’re not saying that we won’t negotiate so long as the issues remain unsolved because if all the issues are solved, there won’t be a need for negotiations.”

Pashinyan also stated that Azerbaijan has set a precondition, that is, Karabakh has to be exclusively a part of Azerbaijan. “I view the Co-Chairs’ statement constructive and logical,” Pashinyan said.

Asked to what extent the atmosphere is fit for negotiations after the battles that took place in July, Pashinyan said the atmosphere is fit as much as it was before the battles. “Before the events in July, we would hear Azerbaijan’s belligerent statements that weren’t in line with the logic of negotiations. I believe the international community has a clear position, that is, the Karabakh issue has only a peaceful solution. The battles in July changed the following logic: Armenia would say nobody can speak to Armenia and Artsakh in the language of force, Azerbaijan said it could solve the issue in 24 hours, but it turned out that Armenia was right, Azerbaijan was wrong.”

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