December 05
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YEREVAN. – A group of citizens had gathered in front of the German embassy in Armenia, demanding to recognize the independence of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), and to stop the terrorist acts of Turkey and Azerbaijan in Artsakh.

One of these demonstrators met with German Ambassador Michael Johannes Banzhaf.

And speaking to reporters after the meeting, she said that the ambassador had stated that they were aware of what had happened, were concerned, and would take practical steps. "The ambassador confirmed that they are very aware of everything, familiar with the videos, photos, and they address this issue with great pain. The ambassador said that in this format it is impossible to organize a visit of officials to Artsakh. He said, ‘I will inform the leadership of our country about all this today, and we will try to work out a resolution, carry out a process that will be in favor of the ceasefire,’" said the citizen who met with the ambassador.

The protester said she had also raised the issue of recognizing Artsakh. "The ambassador said, 'We are discussing that, too, and the work of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs in that direction is huge,' he said, 'we will do everything within our competence that it be much better both for the region and the Armenian people.'” she added.

The ambassador's response, however, did not satisfy the demonstrators. "You have not imposed any economic or military sanctions on Azerbaijan or Turkey," said one protester addressing Germany.

Chanting, "Shame [on you]," the protesters ended their demonstration outside the German embassy in Armenia, and now they are marching towards the Italian embassy.

To note, these protesters were supported also by many drivers who, in support of their demands, were sounding their car horns.

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