December 02
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I stated that on November 8, I had the hardest night of my life, even though I had very hard days in 1992-1994. Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) President Arayik Haroutyunyan on Tuesday morning announced this live on Facebook.

"I do not know how history will assess the decision made yesterday, but we had to. Why? First of all, in terms of the military situation. As a result of 43 days of hostilities, we lost the Fizuli region, Jabrayil region, Kubatlu, Zangelan, Hadrut regions primarily, part of Martuni region, of Askeran region, and most importantly, Shushi [city].

The battles were taking place on the outskirts of [the capital] Stepanakert, 2-3 km away. If it were to continue at that pace, we would have lost the whole of Artsakh in a matter of days, we would have had more casualties, as by moving the hostilities to somewhat of a rear of our front line would have had irreversible consequences, especially for our conscripts who fought heroically at the front line on those 43 days.

I do not want to note that if we had lost Stepanakert, what would have happened in terms of the soldiers on the front line of Askeran, Martuni regions; to some extent, there could have been great chances for being surrounded.

It seemed that for a few days we managed to defend ourselves against the UAVs in terms of our air defense forces. But in the last two days, the adversary was able—I do not know whether by way of new technologies or new UAVs—to again cause great damage to our troops. We had a lot of human losses in the last few hours yesterday in Martuni region, and all those losses—by drones.

We did not succeed. Why did [we] not succeed? We all, yes, will answer [for it]. All of us, as we knew that the [Artsakh] Defense Army had that need, that problem existed. All of us who have held positions in recent decades.

In general, we need in the future, and I am convinced that there will be assessments in terms of the state of the army.

Certainly we did not fight only against Azerbaijan; certainly there were not only Turkish officers or military equipment during the hostilities. There was also the participation of the Turkish military; the Armenian volunteer and the Armenian soldier were fighting against terrorists, mercenaries, too.

We had to save the lives of those same conscripts.

We were trying for a long time to discuss around the negotiating table and stop the war; but that was not possible.

Now everything is ahead. Artsakh, Armenia, the Armenian nation, we had very difficult days, but we were able to make some wise decisions, to follow the right path and achieve success in the future.

And who says that's the end of it all? It starts with that. We will have the opportunity to make a more clear-headed decision; for that we need solidarity. Solidarity first of all in Armenia, Artsakh, among the Armenian people.

Global problems are still ahead, our vision has not yet faded, on the contrary, we have a dream, a dream homeland; for that we must maintain solidarity and stay away from phenomena that do not suit our nation. We have opportunities to make civilized decisions, to hold discussions, and a need to make the right decisions.

Everything is just beginning. I do not want to open the brackets. We have not lost, everything is ahead. (…). I have already started consultations with Karabakh politicians, military figures, political forces. (…) everyone was willing to collaborate. (…) We have come to an agreement that before making any decision—and our decisions are still ahead—we must make them together,” Haroutyunyan added in particular.

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