January 17
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History is written with facts, Armenia 3rd president Serzh Sargsyan has commented on today's PM appeal.

“Whoever talks about the negotiation process on the Artsakh issue, you must keep silent, Nikol Pashinyan! The history of talks you know is what you heard from the “civilized” and “constructive” Aliyev, whom you believed so much that you considered it unnecessary to inquire about this process in detail from all the former leaders of your state who conducted the talks," he said. "This means that you unconditionally trusted our enemy, but your political opponents did not. It is for this reason that you still do not understand the meaning and purpose of the negotiation process."

"And when the enemy, who whispered to you the history of talks in nuances solely in the interests of his country, after your betrayal of the homeland, addressing you on the air, subjected you to the last humiliations, laughed and mocked you all day, you did not even squeal."

"For any Armenian with dignity, at whatever end of the world he was, it was the greatest humiliation and shame, but not for you."

"You are only ready to attack your political opponents and kneel before the enemy of the Armenian people."

"You can shamelessly lie and distort history with cowardly manipulative tricks, and arrange things in such a way as to hide your shameful defeat."

"Over the past two and a half years, you have led the solution of the Artsakh issue exclusively in the direction of the surrender or non-surrender of lands, while before you negotiations were held with the aim of withdrawing Artsakh from Azerbaijan through mutual concessions."

"The third president of Armenia will touch upon this and many other issues in more detail."

"From now on, it is a fact that in the history of independent Armenia all the former authorities will be mentioned as the authorities who defended the Motherland with dignity, won and liberated the lands, and you as the leader who surrendered the lands of Artsakh, unable to negotiate, putting the security of Artsakh under a serious blow and Armenia and bears the mark of a traitor left by the people on his forehead."

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