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During the past year, the whole world had an unprecedented experience operating during the pandemic. The COVID-19 that struck the health care systems at its early appearance has eventually become a global economic challenge. We will have to search for ways that will keep the economy running while suppressing the pandemic.

One of the strategies to be applied in certain cities and university campuses was periodic testing, which proved to be highly effective. To talk in numbers, Research & Business Center at the Economics and Business Department of the Yerevan State University launches a competition open to individuals/teams of researchers, with a purpose to:

The model epidemic spread provided that “periodic testing” and/or other effective measures are applied as a strategy and compared with the current model – testing and quarantining based on the onset of symptoms.

This competition is sponsored by CoronaTest, a dynamic and fast-growing knowledge-based initiative, that offers comprehensive solutions helping to suppress epidemics and save the economy.

Pre-Register (by April 9th 23:59): 

Further details on the Competition:

•             Technical Description, Rules

•             Prize pool: 1st place AMD 300.000; 2nd place: AMD 200.000, 3rd place: AMD 100.000.

Final Submission (Deadline by April 22th): details will be notified additionally to all pre-registered applicants





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