August 03
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Third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan says he doesn’t have specific information about how many casualties and prisoners of war the Armenian side has after the 44-day war [in Nagorno-Karabakh].

“Eight months have passed since the end of the hostilities, yet we don’t have information about the figures. There can’t be a more embarrassing situation. This is a major crime not only against those who died, the missing servicemen and prisoners of war, but also all servicemen. However, the whole problem is that these authorities not only lack information, but are also falsifying everything. You remember how the Ministry of Health would say there are this many victims, and the so-called premier would state another figure, and then they would try to fine-tune it,” Sargsyan said during a campaign meeting held by “I Have the Honor” bloc in Kotayk Province today (“I Have the Honor” bloc is running in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20).

Sargsyan declared that in his mobile phone he has a document that shows that the incumbent authorities are ‘scoundrels’.

“In April of this year, the Servicemen’s Insurance Fund reported to the Government that there are 1,064 missing servicemen. This antihuman, this swindler [Nikol Pashinyan], speaking in parliament, declared that there are 321 missing servicemen. What else can you say to this person? They could have at least declared that they hadn’t been able to specify the exact number and that the Fund has some information. How could they treat those people like that? Do you remember when he said there are plus or minus this many missing servicemen during his speech in parliament? Isn’t it infamous to talk about the deceased like this? Azerbaijan hadn’t reported the data on victims, and we criticized Azerbaijan for that, but what can we say about these authorities? This is who they are. The only way we can show our frustration is to go to the elections on June 20,” Serzh Sargsyan said.

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