August 05
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It’s very important to understand which offices people with different political views should hold. This is what acting Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Avinyan told reporters today, touching upon the content that many officials have been dismissed due to political differences.

“Political offices need to be held by politicians with political views that are the same as those of the ruling party because it’s very important that people holding political offices take actions in the same direction and develop the state policy in accordance with the mandate that the ruling party has received.

If we’re talking about civil servants, which doesn’t imply political views, I’m certain that professionalism will be the only principle. If we’re talking about political offices, political views are of major significance. I repeat — we’re tolerant towards people with different political views, but we’re not tolerant towards crimes. Some people are trying to present the opposite, but we’re actually intolerant towards crimes,” Avinyan said.

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