May 19
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We have stated many times. The authorities of the Republic of Armenia must explain what they are negotiating about. Ishkhan Saghatelyan, the opposition vice-speaker of the National Assembly, on Thursday told this to Armenian when asked to comment on the resumption of the activities of the tripartite commission of the Armenian, Russian and Azerbaijani deputy prime ministers—and despite the Armenian authorities' previous assurances that the resumption of these activities would be possible only after the invading Azerbaijani troops left Armenia.

He reminded that there is information, including official information, that these negotiations are ongoing. "But about what? Is the issue of enclaves being discussed in the negotiations? Is the issue of the Meghri corridor being discussed? What does 'peace' mean?" The opposition parliamentary vice-speaker asked.

Saghatelyan stated that the behavior and approaches of the adversary are well known, as taking advantage of the situation, Azerbaijan is trying to snatch the maximum. "Against this background, Azerbaijan also makes impudent and provocative statements, including about [Armenia’s] Vardenis [region], Syunik [Province], and Sevan [region].

The most important question is what the position of the Armenian authorities is in this situation. No one is against negotiations; but negotiations should not be held as a result of pressure. Moreover, we [the Armenian side] cannot make new concessions as a result of these negotiations. There are questions that remain unanswered, whereas the people who have appeared in power in Armenia are not able to serve the interests of the Republic of Armenia," the opposition vice-speaker of the parliament emphasized.

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