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First, information was disseminated, then the office of the second president confirmed that Armenia’s ex-President Robert Kocharyan had been officially invited to the Russian capital to hold meetings.

Also, his office informed that the second president was going to leave for Moscow this week.

But taking into account that the ex-president is being prosecuted and the respective court hearings are still going on, we asked Kocharyan's lawyer Hovhannes Khudoyan whether Robert Kocharyan needs, and if so, whether he has received permission to leave Armenia.

"We petitioned to the court on this issue already last week, but our [respective telephone] calls remained unanswered for two days. No answer was given whether the court grants the petition or not. And it was confirmed today that the [presiding] judge [Judge Anna Danibekyan] will be in training for a week, and there is an impression that everything is being done to delay [Kocharyan’s trip to Moscow]. However, we are still waiting for the petition to be answered within the timeframe set by law," Khudoyan said.

To our question, in the case when the judge is in training, is there a way to refer to such decisions during that time, or should the judge have returned, Hovhannes Khudoyan answered: "It will turn out that the judge will not show up for work during that time—for an honorable reason—, the examination of the issue will be delayed until the next working day. Nevertheless, the judge, of course, can come at any time, make a decision, and return to her training—given that we have asked for giving permission from the 18th of the month, so that the [second] president can leave on September 19, where he has practical meetings from the 20th of the month."

Also, we asked Khudoyan whether he sees an intent in Judge Anna Danibekyan's moves. "Yes, I do see because the petition was submitted to the court back on Thursday, the court had two days to refer to the petition. I see intent here," said the lawyer.

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