July 24
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The situation in Harav village of the Askeran region of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) is calm, and the Azerbaijani shooting has stopped since midnight. The prefect of Harav, Andranik Ghazaryan, told about this to Armenian Friday.

"At this moment there is no sound, it is calm—both from us and from them. At around 1am or a little later, the Russian peacekeepers came, went up to the [combat] position from where the shooting was going on. They stayed at that position for about 25 minutes and left. There is no shooting after that. Now they have come again, went up to the other [combat] positions," Ghazaryan added.

The head of Harav said that the village was not damaged and its residents were not panicked.

"What happened was in the [combat] positions," he added.

And the deputy head of Martuni region, Vadim Danielyan, told Armenian that the shooting at Norshen village also had stopped overnight.

"The situation is calm, normal" he added.

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