February 28
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In the International Court of Justice, Azerbaijan is acting under the principle of “demand a lot to get what is necessary”. After today’s hearings, it became clear that Baku has applied to the ICJ to not stay behind Armenia, which had submitted an application against Azerbaijan earlier.

Speaking in the Court, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Elnur Mammadov demanded taking interim measures against Armenia in order to force the Armenian side “to stop the deployment of mines, provide Azerbaijan with mine maps in order to facilitate demining and take measures to put an end to incitement of racial hatred and violence of the Armenian groups”.

For anyone who is somewhat familiar with the situation, it is clear that the first and last points are absurd, that is, the transfer of mine maps. Mammadov informed the Court that the mines placed by the Armenian troops before and after the war (how were they placed?) killed or injured at least 106 Azerbaijanis, including 65 peaceful civilians. There is no report on what “peaceful Azerbaijanis” were doing in those territories.

Last week, Armenia accused Azerbaijan of inseminating ethnic hatred and called on Baku to release the captives. The Court is expected to render decisions on the motion in the coming weeks. 

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