December 08
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There is still no news about the fixed-term serviceman who has gone missing from the territory of Vardenis since May 18, 2021. This is what former head of Koghb village Arsen Aghababyan said during a conversation with Armenian

“A search has been declared, but there is still no news,” he said.

Conscript, resident of Koghb village of Tavush Province of Armenia Norik Aghababyan has gone missing from Vardenis region since May 18. He is 18 years old and has been serving in Vardenis since January. The serviceman’s mobile phone was found at a nearly 30 km distance from the military post, and his parents hadn’t noticed any worry when they were talking to him before he went missing.

In this regard, the unit of the Military Police of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia in Vardenis is preparing a report and taking measures to not only find the serviceman, but also clarify the circumstances behind the case.

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