July 18
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No compensation has been paid for the 80 cows that came under Azerbaijani control from the border village of Kut in Gegharkunik Province of Armenia since June 5, nor were these cows returned. The head of Kut village, Sima Chitchyan, told Armenian about this.

"The villagers are now engaged in potato harvesting, they are going to neighboring communities, collecting potatoes for money, and still waiting for compensation. (…). Until now, our villagers have been engaged in cattle breeding, and there is no other work in the village for them to do, to be able to live," she added.

The 80 cows that came under the control of the Azerbaijanis belonged to five families.

The mayor of Kut said that they could not bring enough fodder from the grasslands, the pastures were not normal, and the villagers slaughtered some of the animals in the fall so that they could keep a small part.

"The Azerbaijanis’ appearing near the village has made our life difficult, and I do not know what will happen next," Chitchyan added.

The mayor of Kut said that it is relatively calm at the moment, and they do not hear many shots.

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