July 03
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Turkey has almost completed preparations for two military offensives into Syria and Iraq, the HaberTürk network reported, a day after the country's Security Council issued a statement stating the need for an invasion.

Preparations for the invasion of both countries are 90% complete, HaberTürk said, citing military officials, noting that offensive operations will be limited to the west of the Euphrates River.

Military vehicles are arriving at the border from the southern province of Adana, the report said, which also notes that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan controls the timing of this process.

Turkey's National Security Council said on Thursday that Turkey's current and future military operations on its southern borders are not directed against the sovereignty of neighbors, but are necessary to ensure Turkey's security.

The statement was released by the council after a three-hour meeting led by Erdogan, who on Monday threatened to launch a new military operation in Syria to combat terrorist threats.

According to Erdogan, the offensive will be part of efforts to secure his country's southern border in order to restart efforts to create a 30-kilometer safe zone along the border with a neighboring war-torn country.

Since August 2016, Turkey has launched three military operations in northern Syria "against the Islamic State group and the Kurdish People's Protection Units militia."

Turkey considers the Kurdish militia an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Last month, Turkey also launched hostilities in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, launching air and ground offensives against the PKK. The Turkish military regularly strikes PKK bases in northern Iraq, where the organization is headquartered.

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