August 13
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The problem is not in the constitutionality deficit, but in the non-implementation of the Constitution in general. Lawyer, constitutional law expert, and opposition MP Aram Vardevanyan said this during a discussion dedicated to the Constitution of Armenia.

According to him, the Constitution of Armenia no longer serves its purpose and mission.

"No constitutional institution, and the Constitution is the cornerstone of governing the state, does not perform its functions in any way. International experience suggests that in such a situation the functions of ensuring the implementation of the Basic Law should be assumed by the Constitutional Court. The crisis of constitutionalism is so deep [in Armenia] that it is extremely difficult to overcome it, and the Constitutional Court plays an important role in this road," Vardevanyan said, emphasizing the big problems in terms of the composition of the Constitutional Court of Armenia.

"There have always been problems related to constitutionality, and the key to correcting them is the decisions of the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court has departed from the Constitution. For example, the Criminal Code article on grave insult. It is incompatible with the Constitution, but the Constitutional Court found it compatible. And even the European organizations protecting these [Armenian] authorities consider it problematic. There is a deep crisis of constitutionalism [in Armenia]. The first step to overcome this should be a change of power [in the country]. But then there is a titanic job to be done, as these authorities have inspired people for four years that all constitutional norms can be violated," said Aram Vardevanyan.

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