October 03
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Armenian Ambassador to Ukraine Vladimir Karapetyan raised the issue of Armenian prisoners of war held in Azerbaijan in an interview with the Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine.

As reports "Armenpress", Vladimir Karapetyan noted that Azerbaijan claims that there are 38 Armenian servicemen in captivity, while the Armenian side considers that there must be 26 more servicemen in captivity.

The Ambassador stressed that there was an agreement at the highest level that the prisoner exchange must be based on the principle "all for all". The Armenian side handed over all prisoners, even criminals convicted under completely different articles, including for murder. The Ambassador said that the Armenian side has relevant documentary evidence, video recordings as well as testimonies of the prisoners, who have already returned to Armenia. Karapetyan added that the Azerbaijani side released some of the Armenian military in exchange for maps of minefields.

"The Armenian leadership, as a demonstration of goodwill, handed over the maps of the minefields, which we had in our possession since the 90s, from the time of the first Karabakh war," the ambassador explained. The diplomat stressed that the transferred maps significantly reduced the number of deaths due to mines. "Despite the fact that Azerbaijan has publicly and repeatedly complained about some inaccuracy of these maps, but after their transfer, the number of explosions has decreased significantly, there have been only one or two accidents. Our maps are quite accurate, but we need to take into account the time that has passed," said Vladimir Karapetyan.

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