April 23
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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in general, it should be noted that there is tension on the border, and at the moment this tension can be said to be stable. In this sense, given Azerbaijan's aggressive and bellicose rhetoric, new provocations are certainly not excluded. His remarks came during the interview with the Public Television of Armenia today. 

When asked why the September 13 escalation took place at this stage, Pashinyan replied: "It's hard to predict anything in terms of the day itself, but in terms of the timeframe, I think it's essential that all international attention is focused on the events around Ukraine. The period of the 44-day war, when the focus was on the epidemic and the ensuing domestic problems, is also notable in this respect.

It is the same situation today, when because of the situation around Ukraine, many countries are now focused on preparing for the coming winter, and perhaps the increasing importance of the energy component plays a role in this, which is why Azerbaijan's position is becoming more and more aggressive.

Referring to the fact that the list of the dead has not been published yet, the Prime Minister said: "Given the experience of the 44-day war, we have concluded that it is right to publish the names of the dead through an institutionally planned mechanism. It is a list fixed at the insurance fund of servicemen of Armenia and the names are published there. The names of those who died in the 44-day war were also published there. That should be the institutional approach, but not making the list of victims public doesn't mean that everything is kept secret. Naturally, families are informed. Let's also consider that there are bodies that need to be definitively identified. Given past experience, we know that there have been cases where the wrong names have been published.

There was even a case where relatives visually recognized the deceased, but DNA identification revealed otherwise. In order to avoid such misunderstandings, an institutionally functioning mechanism should be used, and it should publish those cases that are de jure confirmed."

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