November 27
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Azerbaijan has realized that the situation with the dissemination of videos of the shooting and torture of Armenian prisoners is out of control and has tried to remedy the situation. This purpose was served by the press conference organized today by representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan and the Foreign Ministry on "crimes committed by the Armenian armed forces and illegal Armenian armed groups against Azerbaijan from 1988 to the present time".

Of course, the press conference only talked about the crimes attributed to the Armenian side and not a single word about the crimes committed against the Armenians, starting with the pogroms of the Armenian population of Soviet Azerbaijan. And what was said was solely to refute the facts. But the facts, as you know, are stubborn things.

The senior aide to the general prosecutor Ilgar Safarov stated that "The general prosecutor's office and the military prosecutor's office of Azerbaijan have analyzed the videos published in some media outlets and on social networking sites where servicemen of the Azerbaijani army allegedly desecrate the bodies of Armenian dead soldiers during combat operations, and commit inhumane acts against Armenian prisoners of war. It was established that some of the videos were faked, while serious suspicions arose regarding the authenticity of other recordings. Who would have doubted that Azerbaijan would deny everything.

Azerbaijani Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev said a special investigative team has been set up to investigate "footage of Azerbaijani soldiers allegedly shooting Armenian soldiers. Commenting on the flurry of condemnations and demands to punish the perpetrators, Aliyev said, "We are worried about the behavior of some embassies, as well as states. Double standards are evident. No one wonders why no one in Armenia has investigated any of the cases against Azerbaijani servicemen. Azerbaijan has always investigated such videos and criminal cases were filed against four people. The statement about criminal cases not only contradicted the previous speaker's speech, but in principle it was at variance with the official policy of Azerbaijan, quite unambiguously demonstrated by its president, who showered rewards and favors on the thugs headed by ramil safarov.

Shifting the question from bad to worse, Aliyev began to accuse the Armenian side of committing "mass murder during the first war," evidence of which are the allegedly found remains. Let us remind that the situation with "found remains" is very doubtful - practically everywhere an Azerbaijani soldier sets foot on the occupied Armenian land, "remains of innocent murdered Azerbaijanis" are found at once, and the verdict is given without any DNA research and analysis. In fact, the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan confirms this: "But we find (remains) in mass graves. Today we took DNA samples from 2-3 relatives of each missing person. We will try to identify the bodies as we find them." That is, the lawyer admits that no tests have been done, the identities have not been established, let alone the circumstances of the deaths, but they "know everything up to the hilt." As they say, no further comment is necessary.

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