December 09
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Pashinyan's statements indicate that the current regime is going to wash its hands and leave Artsakh Armenians to their fate. Based on the current situation, this is a stab in the back.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh Karen Mirzoyan told "If the former Armenian authorities had surrendered Artsakh to Azerbaijan five or six times, as Pashinyan believes, why didn't Azerbaijan accept these proposals? The impression is that the former authorities tried in every way to surrender Artsakh, and Azerbaijan refused, and the most convenient person from whom they were ready to accept Artsakh was Pashinyan.

And if it is so, why?" the diplomat wondered. According to his assessment, the position of the authorities, according to which there is no possibility for Artsakh's independent status, and the very course of the negotiations have nothing to do with each other. "A number of statements about huge external pressure and demand to lower the bar were directly or indirectly refuted by many representatives of the same external world. The impression is that the Armenian authorities are either unwilling or unable to use these signals and approaches," Mirzoyan added. He believes that the problems are not in the position of Russia or another country, but in the position of the Armenian authorities. "When you take a defeatist position and are not ready to fight for your interests and prove that it is easier to find common ground with you than to fight, then the position of any country becomes fateful.

The problem is that as a result of the policies of the current authorities, Armenia ceases to be a geopolitical factor. In such a hopeless situation, Armenia depends on the whims and desires of any country. We must be prepared for any development of events. Even the most improbable ones are possible," Mirzoyan said. He called the way out of the situation the arrival of a government that will be able to unite the people and act in the interests of the state, rather than follow the path of division.

"It's absurd to hope that someone will solve our problems for us," the former Artsakh Foreign Minister stated.

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