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Ambassador Mher Margaryan, Permanent Representative of Armenia to the UN, delivered a statement at the General Debate of the First Committee of the 77th UN General Assembly. Margaryan noted as follows, in particular:

“Armenia reaffirms its strong commitment to the full and universal implementation of the legally binding international obligations in the areas of non-proliferation, disarmament, conventional arms control and confidence and security building measures.

The full, complete, and effective implementation of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) remains the cornerstone of the international efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and its technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to further the goal of achieving general and complete disarmament.

Throughout years, Armenia has been committed to the implementation of the legally binding Treaty on the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe and the Vienna Document on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures. Regrettably the integrity of the Conventional Arms Control Regime has been seriously undermined due to the systematic, intentional and massive violations of its core provisions by some parties.

Policies of use of force to settle disputes, war mongering, state-led radicalization and identity building on the basis of dehumanization of entire nations and ethnic groups have been rising as dangerous tendencies detrimental to the global and regional peace and security. The United Nations must stand united in resolutely rejecting use of force or threat of force in violation of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, in all instances.

Uncontrolled and unabated military buildup, military posturing represent warning signs of the threat of escalation and, therefore, should be closely monitored and assessed by the international organizations, including by the missions on the ground. Strengthening of the monitoring, fact-finding and reporting capacities of the United Nations is crucial for timely identifying the risks of dangerous escalation and prevention of atrocities.

The aggressive actions of Azerbaijan against Armenia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity represent an imminent threat to the peace and security in the region of South Caucasus and beyond.

The military offensive unleashed by Azerbaijan recently, on 13 September, targeted the eastern and south-eastern regions of Armenia, causing more than 200 deaths, including among the civilian population. Around 8000 people, mostly women, children and elderly were temporarily displaced. Densely populated cities deep in the territory of Armenia came under targeted fire in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions. These attacks were preceded by the previous acts of aggression in May, July and November 2021.

In flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, Azerbaijan captured, tortured and killed a number of Armenian service personnel, among them several women, who were exposed to most despicable barbarities, including sexual and gender based violence, violent murders and mutilations. The shocking videos of barbaric extrajudicial executions of the Armenian prisoners of war are extensively celebrated over social networks in Azerbaijan. The well-documented evidence pointing to the criminal conduct by the Azerbaijani military is undeniable. It is ever more imperative that all acts of atrocities are fully investigated and perpetrators, including the leadership of their armed forces are brought to justice.

Last week, on 28 September the invading Azerbaijani forces resorted to yet another military provocation with use of mortars and large caliber weapons, which resulted in killing of three servicemen. The Azerbaijani forces continue their concentration and reinforcement of positions along the borders and in the occupied parts of Armenia, posing a risk of further escalation.

The well-established records of non-compliance of Azerbaijan with treaties and regimes in the area of conventional arms control, unnotified large-scale military exercises, uncontrolled military buildup and consistent refusal to implement confidence and security building measures in the framework of regional arrangements throughout the years have demonstrated a clear intent of instigating further military aggression in our region. Regrettably, the lack of adequate reaction from the relevant international and regional structures and action in response to the clear incompliance of Azerbaijan with its legally binding obligations allowed the latter to further pursue its aggressive policies.

Armenia has brought the issue of recent attacks and invasion by Azerbaijan to the attention of the UN Security Council and will continue to raise the matter with the United Nations and its respective bodies to stand up to their responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security and to resolutely condemn the criminal attacks against the territorial integrity of Armenia, to call for immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the troops from its territories.

We are convinced that the international structures should be resolute in the face of systemic and flagrant violations of legally binding international obligations. The criminal practices of using force to capture territories or to resolve international disputes must be unequivocally condemned and the violators be sanctioned accordingly.”

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