February 04
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In Thailand, a man won the lottery $230 thousand, but his wife, with whom he lived for 26 years, took his winnings and left in an unknown direction, Thaiger reported.

On Nov. 1, Manit, 49, won his prize and transferred the money to the bank account of his wife Angkanarat, 45. Instead of celebrating together, as Manit had anticipated, his wife left. He then went to the police, but they explained that they could not help him because the bank account belonged to his wife.

It later turned out that the couple were not even officially married. Despite this, they have three children. Manit himself assured that he did not know that his wife was seeing anyone. However, one of the couple's children revealed that he was aware of his mother's affair.

On November 20, Angkanarat returned home as she learned that her husband had filed a police report against her. She justified herself by saying that she was tired of her husband and son complaining, and that she had never had a lover. At the same time, according to the woman, she decided to become a nun and allegedly donated some of her money to charity.

The woman never became a nun, offering her husband a deal: they would split the remaining winnings into three parts if Manit left the family soon. The man eventually agreed and moved to Bangkok, receiving about $45,000.

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