February 01
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Saudi Arabia and China have pledged to prioritize relations in their foreign policy and establish a model of cooperation and solidarity for developing countries. This was stated in a joint statement following the Saudi-Chinese summit.

The sides reaffirmed that they will continue to firmly support mutual interests, support each other in preserving sovereignty and territorial integrity, and make joint efforts to defend the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of states, international law and the basic principles of international relations. The Saudi side reaffirmed its commitment to the principle of one China, the state news agency SPA reported.

Moreover, the Chinese side expressed its support for the Kingdom in maintaining its security and stability and reaffirmed its rejection of any acts of interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and reject any attacks targeting civilians, civilian facilities, territories and Saudi Arabia.

In addition, they noted the importance of continuing joint actions in all areas, deepening relations within the framework of a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries and reaching new promising horizons.

The two sides highlighted the importance of expanding cooperation through the Saudi-Chinese high-level joint committee to achieve common goals, expanding cooperation between the two countries in all fields and intensifying communication between the government and the private sector of the two countries to discuss economic, trade and investment opportunities and turn them into real partnerships, and strengthening cooperation in areas aimed at taking the economic relations between the two countries to a broader horizon

Regarding the energy sector, the two sides confirmed that expanding their cooperation in this area is considered an important strategic partnership. Both sides praised the volume of oil trade and the solid foundation for cooperation due to the Kingdom's rich oil resources and China's vast markets. They also pointed out that developing and strengthening oil cooperation is in the common interest of both sides. In addition, they stressed the importance of stability in global oil markets.

The two sides agreed to explore common investment opportunities in the petrochemical sector, develop promising projects in petrochemical refining technology and expand joint cooperation in a number of fields and projects, including electricity, photovoltaics, wind power and other renewable energy sources.

The two sides noted the importance of deepening joint cooperation under the One Belt, One Road initiative, welcoming the participation of relevant Saudi companies in various energy and investment partnerships under the initiative, as well as joint investment in energy projects in the region and energy-consuming countries in Europe and Africa. All this will contribute to the development of local content in Saudi Arabia and China's self-sufficiency in petrochemicals through relevant investments in the Kingdom.

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