March 24
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Iraqi Kurdistan firmly believes that no one, not Kurds, not Armenians, no one and never again should be threatened with genocide, members of the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament Edris Chonki and Rozhan Shahid Hamarash said in an interview with

"We, the Kurdish people, have also suffered acts of genocide in Iraq. And we want to show solidarity to all the people of the world who suffered from the genocide, including the Armenian people. We are also here to show that we believe in the peaceful coexistence of all peoples. We firmly believe that no one, neither Kurds nor Armenians, should ever be threatened with genocide again," the parliamentarians said.

Asked what measures should be taken to prevent genocide, the parliamentarians said there is a need to use state-of-the-art military technology, for example.

Religious leaders and figures should also talk about peaceful coexistence and the importance of living together, accepting each other, they said.

"We need to use more cultural methods and understanding of each other," they said.

As Edris Chonki and Rozhan Shahid Hamarash point out, everyone should understand that the genocide against the Kurds and Armenians was a genocide against humanity: "It affected all humanity. Think of all the cultural heritage that was lost as a result of these genocides. The cultural heritage, the personal heritage that was lost. And it's a loss to all of humanity."

"The Armenian community in Iraqi Kurdistan are our brothers. - added the MPs, "We see each other as brothers, as one family, as one people. And we try, as much as possible in Kurdistan, to preserve and protect the rights of the Armenian community. We consider ourselves one people and brothers."

Asked about the prospects for development cooperation between the Armenian and Kurdish regions, MPs said they would like to establish more cultural ties with Armenia and trade relations in many areas.

"We would also like to develop closer relations with the National Assembly of Armenia. We would be very happy, for example, to have a delegation from the Armenian National Assembly visit our parliament in Iraqi Kurdistan. And at the same time, to have a delegation from the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament visit your National Assembly to work on areas of mutual interest - genocide, genocide prevention and recognition," they added.

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