February 29
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It is very important that as a result of extensive internal discussions of the issue in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), everyone came to the correct conclusion that today there is a priority issue and, for its sake, all other issues should be subordinated. Opposition MP Armen Rustamyan told this to reporters Monday at the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia—and referring to the latest domestic political developments in Artsakh.

According to him, the unity of Artsakh has always been a guiding principle for Armenians, the Armenians of Artsakh have always shown a united will, and today they are the masters of that mission.

"Artsakh people are our people fighting on the most frontline today, and they should not allow any step that could undermine that unity," Rustamyan said.

He considered it untimely to hold presidential elections in Artsakh at this phase.

"Having not solved this most important issue, having not overcome this challenge that Azerbaijan imposes on us, we should not strain the situation, as the Artsakh authorities today have a clear legitimacy, which is the main advantage that no one—at least in the Armenian scene—doubts the 2020 Artsakh elections. In this situation, the authorities must stand up for that legitimacy," said Rustamyan, adding that during the last elections in Artsakh, everyone knew that the emerging government would have a historic mission.

Arguing that there is also the factor of Azerbaijan in the incident, as Baku openly—also at the Council of Europe—declares that minister of state Ruben Vardanyan should be taken out of Artsakh, the Armenian lawmaker stated: “At least that is enough so that it does not happen. What does it mean to let Azerbaijan decide who should assume this or that position in Artsakh? It means that we will lose subjectivity altogether by gradually conceding. We already have that problem. Artsakh should be manifested as a subject that is formed and defined by elections. Today's situation shows how important that subjectivity is. Today it is Artsakh that speaks about its rights."

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