March 22
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Zhoghovurd daily of Armenia writes: "We had intelligence that larger attacks were being prepared by Azerbaijan when it attacked Armenia last September. Iranian actions and statements helped to stop a further deterioration of that situation," stated Vahan Kostanyan, the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia [(RA)], in a conversation with the Washington-based Al-Monitor website.

He claimed that Iran's actions in the fall of last year contributed to the cessation of the Azerbaijani attack against Armenia.

These statements by the newly appointed deputy foreign minister are really puzzling if we take into account the statements being made by the RA authorities after the two-day battles in September 2022. For example, on September 17, 2022, during an interview with [program host] Petros Ghazaryan on Public Television Company, RA NA [(National Assembly)] president Alen Simonyan had stated that the US was the biggest author of stopping those events.

"The US assistance has been great, but I don't want to prefer it in any way to, for example, the intervention of France or Russia," he had said. There were such statements from the American side, too.

And a day before the NA president's statement, on September 16, RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security chair Andranik Kocharyan had spoken about the actions of our army and said that thanks to it, we also have regained [combat] positions.

"What you said within the framework of the numbers of 10 square kilometers was successful. But after that, there were positions which, as a result of our actions, went back under our control again. It’s about six positions. I will not publicize the complete numbers; it is very possible that it will undergo changes again," he had noted.

It is not the first time that different representatives of the [Armenian] authorities make different statements on the same matter; thus, in the end, Armenia's international standing is being questioned.

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