October 01
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Now in Artsakh, everyone's nerves are very tense, the situation is very complicated, and in these conditions, harsh words and even statements containing an ultimatum are humanly understandable. Former Minister of State of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), public figure Ruben Vardanyan wrote this on Facebook. He added as follows, in particular:

"However, we must understand that at this moment we cannot afford even an ordinary political conflict or crisis, which would be considered normal in another period, as the enemy will instantly take advantage of it. Everyone should understand this—both those who initiate debates, and those who come forward with various initiatives to resign, and those who allow themselves to make careless statements in Armenia.

"Now we cannot deviate from our constitution by a single step, we cannot go beyond the boundaries of the legal framework. If we allow ourselves to question whose authority is legitimate and whose is not, then tomorrow the enemy will take advantage of it.

"Therefore, I call on everyone—the head of the [Artsakh] state, the head of the parliament, the leaders of parties and political forces, and even myself—not to give in to emotions and not to look for any unexpected solutions outside the legal framework.

"The power in Artsakh cannot fall to the ground even for a second. We must be absolutely united in the face of external danger.

"We must be able to put aside our emotions and treat the situation reasonably and calmly. We have to solve a very difficult problem, and it is possible to come to this solution only by showing exceptional unity and persistence."

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