December 01
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Armenia has lost all its friends, whether global or regional, today there is no one who stands by Armenia, Former Foreign Minister of Armenia Vartan Oskanian said in a video message on Facebook.

"But today something can be done in both of those aspects, I know, many people think that everything is hanging by a thread. Even if that’s the case, something must be done. We have work to do in the diplomatic field, and specifically in the Karabakh negotiations and in the context of global relations," he said.

Addressing Pashinyan, the former Foreign Minister of Armenia asks what the problem is that he does not listen to any advice. If it is his personal security, Oskanian calls on the opposition to meet Pashinyan and give guarantees until the end of his life.

“Let us save the motherland, let us change some part of the situation, there is a possibility of that today, I don't want to open some parentheses, I can present several points of what needs to be done. There is that possibility, but I don't want to do it, I did it before because you didn't want to meet and talk privately, but now the issues are so sensitive that I can't disclose those small points. At this critical stage, come to your senses, sit down with your team, talk, make a decision so that we can change something. We cannot lose Artsakh, this is our land, our historical land. Azerbaijan cannot have any ambitions for that territory, we have to leave that door open, and today there is an opportunity to open that door. Think about this suggestion of mine.”

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