February 29
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It is very interesting to come and see a country that he knows a lot about and whose cultural importance he is aware of. World-famous Lebanese American philosopher, writer, and scientist Nassim Taleb said this during the press conference held Thursday within the framework of the Science and Business Days 2023 conference in Yerevan

Taleb said he has always been interested in genetics. There were three waves related to the migration of Armenians to Lebanon. He lives in the West, naturally, he communicates with the Armenian diaspora there, and we know that the Armenian diaspora has many expert abilities and is very skilled. So, Armenia is somehow a source of inspiration for him, he feels very familiar in Armenia, like at home, Taleb said.

Nassim Taleb, however, speaks with pain about the recent events in Armenia. Today the situation is very sad because we know that during the time of King Tigranes the Great, there was Armenia from sea to sea, as the territory of Armenia reached the Mediterranean Sea. In recent years, however, we have constantly seen territorial reductions in Armenia, and this last shock was also severe, said Taleb.

It is painful for Nassim Taleb that Mt. Ararat is currently located in the territory of Turkey. Armenian culture is very widespread, it even reaches Jerusalem, and today we see that even in Jerusalem this territorial reduction is happening. It is very hard that we are witnessing Armenian ethnic cleansing. What should be done? Maybe inform the world more about it, Taleb said.

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