February 29
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The important thing is there be a working platform; where it will be makes no difference to us, and the Azerbaijani side knows it very well. Alen Simonyan, speaker of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, told this to reporters in the NA Thursday—and addressing the question of whether the Western or the Russian platform is preferable for Armenia.

"Azerbaijan does not come to international platforms because the [Armenian] ethnic cleansing that was carried out [by this country in Nagorno-Karabakh], the modus operandi, the way of working that the international partners saw, has put Azerbaijan in a rather difficult situation. It is a fact that, as a partner, Azerbaijan, in my assessment, has behaved quite wrongly and badly. That is the reason why they are now avoiding international platforms because everyone sees the difference of the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides," Simonyan said.

"The Armenian side had a side with a negative international perception, parallels were being drawn with the events that are happening in Ukraine today. Azerbaijan was ‘adding fuel to the fire’ that the Armenian side has ambitions for the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan; [but] today it is already obvious that there is no such thing. Azerbaijan is trying to portray Armenia as an aggressor so that its word has more weight on the international platforms, and it will be able to continue its aggression on the ground," the Armenian parliament speaker added, in particular.

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