July 18
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Drivers often resort to dangerous methods in an attempt to warm up their car as quickly as possible, automobile expert Sergei Ponomarev has informed, the Avtonovosti dnya (Auto news of the day) portal reported.

"For example, sometimes they put small electric tiles under the car. The logic is this: ‘I will put the plate under the oil pan, heat [it] up, and the [car’s] engine will start.’ But the same effect as in the case of a frying pan is possible: the oil begins to boil and lose its properties," said Ponomarev.

Drivers are also at risk when they use the dryer, which in many modern cars is made of plastic and melts easily. This can happen internally and disrupt the operation of the system.

Boiled water is also one of the common mistakes, when car lovers pour it either on the windshield or on the collector [of their cars]. Both one and the other often crack and lead to unforeseen expenses.

Electric thermal "cannon" is also often used by drivers. It is dangerous because the steam released by it can melt all the decorative elements, which ultimately can lead to fuel leakage and fire in cars.

Lastly, it is strictly forbidden to heat the car up with the help of a gas heater or another means with an open flame. In that case, the fuel and oil in the engine ignite easily, and the car will simply burn, warned Sergei Ponomarev.

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