May 23
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Durable and longer-term peace would enable all of us to spend less resources on arms and direct them to the solution of socioeconomic problems of our countries. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this in an interview with several members of the UK media

“This year, Armenia progressed a lot in terms of GDP per capita, but still Armenia and Azerbaijan have numerous social problems. And when it is possible and when we have peace, it will enable the governments of both countries to invest in socio-economic developments, and also at some point, we could also think about regional economic development.

It is in the context of the regional economic development, that we adopted and introduced the Crossroad of Peace project, which I hope you are aware of. We are thinking along those lines. What I mean is that we are not preparing for war, we are preparing for peace. On the other hand, though, as long as we are not convinced that the Republic of Armenia will not undergo attack, we naturally have to build up our defensive capabilities.

As I have said, the Republic of Armenia does not have any ambitions in any directions beyond the 29,743-square-kilometer territory. And we think this is the foundation based on which we need to build and develop our sovereignty and independence," Pashinyan stated.

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