June 18
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At the moment we do not find legal grounds for the ownership certificates of the residents of Kirants. This was stated by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in a conversation with Azatutyun, answering a question about what, what should be done from the legal point of view for people who refuse compensation in the presence of property certificates.

"First of all, conditionally speaking, we focused on roofs where there were buildings, in the case of buildings the issues have been solved and compensation has been given. As for land areas, there are applications for some of them and there is work to be done.

During the demarcation work we naturally faced this and we asked ourselves that if there is a certificate of ownership, this is a question that we have to understand why and how it happened and their legal basis, and we have to record that at the moment we do not find these legal grounds in the state archives, and this is in a sense logical, because there should have been a legal basis for the allocation of land and other works.And these territories that we are talking about, these territories are not de jure territories of the Republic of Armenia according to the maps of 1976, which have a legal basis for the allocation of land and other works.

Pashinyan noted that taking into account the uniqueness of the situation, they undertook to solve these problems

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