August 19
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STEPANAKERT. – The adversary violated the ceasefire around 270 times, in the past week, at the line of contact between Karabakh-Azerbaijani opposing forces.

Through different weaponry, including long-range sniper rifles, vanguard subdivisions of the Azerbaijani army fired more than 1,500 shots in the direction of Karabakh positions. The Azerbaijani side fired close to 250 sniper shots, in the past seven days.  

These aggressive operations, by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, along the entire length of the line of contact  again comes to prove that official Baku not only does not respect international peacekeeping efforts, but it also takes deliberate steps toward deepening tension at the line of contact. And this circumstance compels the Karabakh side to be tougher and equivalent in response, in its present and future actions,

It is necessary to stress that, in response to the loss of its two soldiers, as a result of the adversary’s aggressive operations at the frontline on November 19 and 20, the Armenian side, as it had warned in advance, resorted to punitive operations. And in the outcome of the Karabakh forces’ preemptive operations between November 20 and 25, vanguard subdivisions of the Azerbaijani army gave up to seven fatalities and injuries.      

It is apparent that official Baku refrains from publicizing the aforementioned facts in order to keep the country and its armed forces free from domestic political and internal societal outbursts. According to reliable sources, however, this country’s authorities are demanding concrete clarifications and explanations from the defense ministry, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Army News and Propaganda Department informed.

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