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YEREVAN. – Head of Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), big businessman Gagik Tsarukyan has no intentions to purchase Armenian famous writer Hovhannes Tumanyan’s house in Tbilisi, Tsarukyan’s spokesperson Khachik Galstyan told Armenian rejecting the rumors on purchase spread by media.

Armenian tried to clarify what the Ministry of Culture’s conclusion was after the Armenian delegation headed by the president of the Armenian Writers’ Union Levon Ananyan visited recently Tbilisi. The Ministry responded that the house has already a purchaser who is going to grant it to the Armenian community on the condition that it will later be turned into a cultural center. 

Future of the house also was discussed in the meeting convened at the PM Tigran Sargsyan’s residence on Jan. 26.

As Armenian informed earlier, Tumanyan’s house would have been sold. Part of it was purchased by a Georgian businessman in 1990ss, who was going to sell it to a Turkish-Georgian Geo Turan company. As a result, the company intended to turn it into a hostel for Turkish citizens. The company offered Tumanyan’s grand grand-children Alain Tumanyan to sell the other part of the house. However, was rejected.

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