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YEREVAN. – Policy should not be designed on aggressiveness, but this does not mean we step back from our demanding principles, ARF Dashnaktsutyun Armenian National Committee of Tehran Chairman Surik Abnussian said, in an interview with Yerkir daily, and reflecting on Turkey’s foreign propaganda, the daily writes.

‘“The Armenian community in Iran has a very long history, and they [the Iranians] are familiar with the Armenian people’s great role in Iran’s cultural and political life. [But] It is more difficult when this refers to the political scientists, because we try to individually acquaint them with our history,’ Abnussian noted.   

In his words, the Iranians’ demeanor toward the local Armenians is very positive and friendly; [and] their positive attitude toward the Karabakh issue is already evident.

‘It is clear that Iran is visibly in Armenia’s favor. [But] Sadly, there still is unfamiliarity with respect to the [Armenian] Genocide; and our main objective is to extract from the archives those documents in which [official] Tehran, as statehood, has manifested its positions,’ ARF figure added,” Yerkir writes.

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