April 13
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Turkish MP Sirri Sureya Onder announced at a press conference in the Turkish Parliament that a great massacre of Armenians took place in 1915 in Turkey, which is called Genocide in all languages.

As the Turkish Radikal reports, he announced that he participated in the commemoration event of the Armenian Genocide organized in Taksim Square in Istanbul and he stressed that the genocide did happen in Turkey.

“‘Ittihat ve Terakki’ (Committee of Union and Progress – edit.) organized a great massacre which is called Genocide in all languages,” Onder said condemning those who claim that their grandfathers did not organize the genocide.

“Such sufferings cannot we compensated with money or otherwise. The thought that if we say Genocide they will want money and land is very humiliating. In reality a crime against humanity was committed the sufferings of which cannot be eased with money.

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