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YEREVAN. – Armenia’s Government has amassed enough excuses for not fulfilling its 2012-2017 program, opposition ARF Dashnaktsutyun Party National Assembly (NA) Faction leader Armen Rustamyan stated at the NA floor, presenting the Party’s stance with respect to the program.   

In his view, this document’s primary ideology is not assuming clear responsibilities, so that later the Government will not have to ask forgiveness for not fulfilling the program. 

“Hence, the declarative nature of the statement,” added Rustamyan. In his words, the previous program—which practically was unfulfilled—has served as a lesson for this.

“The second lesson is the external hazard risks, so that no one would think the Government definitely answers for its pledges and plans. Everyone can be at fault, except for us. The [global economic] crisis cannot be bypassed,” they say.

“We are small and vulnerable. If we add to this also the climate risks for agriculture, it will turn out that practically nothing can be demanded from the Government,” said Rustamyan.    

“In this case, it is incomprehensible as to whether it makes sense to listen to this program and to discuss [it], if the opposition is deprived of the opportunity to oversee its fulfillment.

But I do not agree that the people, who elected the Parliament, agree to this program. And whoever is in agreement will enjoy the fruits of his confidence several years,” added ARF Dashnaktsutyun’s NA Faction leader.

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