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BEIRUT. – Relations between the Shiites and Syrian opposition members in Lebanon became strained after the Lebanese media quoting the Turkish outlets informed about 11 Lebanese Shiites kidnapped in Syria, editor of the Armenian Aztag daily Shahan Kandaharian told Armenian Five of them were reported killed in Syria.  

Later families of the kidnapped seized about 30 Syrian opposition members as hostages. A Turkish businessman was among those kidnapped.

Kandaharian said the reports on death of Shiites were dismissed. Eleven people were reported to be in the territory of Turkey. Most hostages were released, several people, including a Turkish businessman are still in the hands of Shiites. The talks are held to release him.

The editor stressed that Turkey was a source of misinformation on killing of hostages.

He noted that the conflict which came forth between the local Shiites, who support the Syrian President Assad, and the opposition members in Lebanon has no relation to the Armenians living in Lebanon. However, tense situation in the country impacts the life and activity of the local Armenian community.


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