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Director of the capital city Yerevan-based Armenian Center for National and International Studies, political scientist Manvel Sargsyan, delivered a presentation on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, during a conference in Duisburg, Germany.

According to the speaker, on the one hand, Azerbaijan does not recognize any right for Karabakh, but on the other hand, it attempts to establish its supremacy at the demarcation line.

“But Armenia, realizing this Azerbaijani game, went on the counterattack since August 2014, applying a new strategy,” Sargsyan stressed. “Thus, Armenia passed from the defensive position to the offensive (…) As a result, the Azerbaijani army suffered heavy casualties and panicked and fled to the second line.” 

In the analyst’s words, this modus operandi by the Armenian army was adopted as a new doctrine, whereby it transitioned from passive defense to active tactics, and, also, it informed about this to the international community.

“In the new situation, however, Azerbaijan is attempting to grasp how to deal with the new conditions,” Manvel Sargsyan added. “On the other hand, the falling oil prices have caused the plight of the Azerbaijani economy.”

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