May 23
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Court hearing of the case into the murder of Avetisyan family of Gyumri Armenia, resumed Friday, in the 102nd Russian Military Base in the city.

At the trial, it was announced that the Russian side cannot ensure the presence of the seven former employees of the military base—and who are included in the murder case as witnesses—in court.

As per the respective letter sent by the Russian military base, these persons are no longer employees of the military base, they are now in Russia, and the military base cannot provide information on their whereabouts.

Subsequently, the court granted the prosecution’s motion to change the procedure for the examination of evidence and to start publicizing the documents of this murder case.

Six members of the Avetisyan family—including a two-year-old girl—were shot dead, and a six-month-old baby—Seryozha Avetisyan—was wounded in their house in Gyumri on January 12, 2015; but the baby boy died in hospital one week later.

Valery Permyakov, a serviceman of the 102nd Russian Military Base in the city, is charged with these murders.

Armenia and Russia instituted criminal cases on charges of murder and military desertion, respectively. On August 12, the Russian court sentenced Permyakov to ten years in prison. And on October 16, Armenia formally brought criminal charges against the Russian soldier.

The respective trial began on December 18 of the year past. The court hearings are taking place in the aforesaid Russian military base.

The court has decided that the hearings will be convened on Fridays.

Valery Permyakov has pleaded guilty to all charges—brutal murder, robbery, and attempt to cross the Armenian state border—that are brought against him.

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