July 05
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YEREVAN. - Nobody will ever allow bringing Russian troops to the zone of Karabakh conflict.

President of the Armenian center of Strategic and National Research, political analyst Manvel Sargsyan said the aforementioned, touching on the information disseminated by the Russian media outlets on the so-called “Russia plan” of Karabakh conflict settlement.

In his words, Russia wants to start a certain process on Karabakh conflict, since the OSCE Minsk Group  didn’t propose anything specific. “Now Russia will most probably try to hold the closing of the meeting. I think this is a way to impact the sides to the conflict. If we recall, in an interview given to one of the Russian media outlets after his visit to Baku, the Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev, responded to a question on Karabakh, precisely noting that the problem has two solutions: everything remains the way it used to be – status quo for decades - or it is decided by military means,” Sargsyan noted.

It becomes clear from this that the disseminated information pursues exclusively political objective, the analyst said. “The issue doesn’t relate to a certain diplomatic process on the conflict settlement. Russia is actually trying to start a certain process, stemming from its own interests,” he stressed.

Responding to the query as to whether Russia can influence Armenia, the political analyst said: “It’s necessary to understand the purpose of the pressure. Nobody will ever allow bringing in Russian troops. Iran won’t calmly allow the presence of Russian troops on its border, will it?”

Touching on the issue as to why such information is disseminated exactly now, the expert said: “It would be strange if it hadn’t been disseminated right now. The military actions are stopped, the armies stand in front of each other. Apparently, everyone is waiting for a certain political decisions. And now Russia will try to begin a certain close process with the parties to the conflict through spreading such information.” In the analyst’s words, Russia has serious problems with Azerbaijan and Turkey. “Russia is trying to maximally capitalize on this war. Armenia is only now becoming a problem to Russia, since now Armenia realizes very well that Russia is solving its problems with Turkey and Azerbaijan at the expense of Armenia’s interests. And this will soon become into a big problem for Russia,” Manvel Sargsyan concluded.

According to the diplomatic sources of Russian media outlets, under the Russian plan, part of the territories should be returned to Azerbaijan. Besides, peacekeepers should be brought to the zone of conflict, refugees should be returned and Karabakh should be legitimize (i.e. ensure opening of its borders and restoration of its economic ties). Thereafter, once the dust settles, a referendum should be held on the region’s allegiance.  


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