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Part of the US elite led by President-elect Donald Trump has decided to change its strategy and focus the main strike on Iran and China.

Political scientist Mikhail Aleksandrov, who is an expert at the Institute of CIS countries, told the aforementioned to Armenian News –

In his words, Donald Trump will try to normalize the relations with Russia. “Certain split took place within the American elite, since part of it thinks the destruction of Russia is a condition for success. But the other part realized that it is not realistic and can lead to great troubles, including nuclear war,” Aleksandrov noted.

That is, the unsuccessful policy of Obama demonstrated itself in practice, he added.

“Thus, part of the US elite led by President-elect Donald Trump decided to change their strategy and focus the main strike on Iran and China, which they also consider as centers of forces countering US. There is no particular need to fight against them, especially against China: the US will thus apply economic sanctions and restrictions in trade,” Aleksandrov stressed.

In this manner, the US will try to restore its industry at the cost of restricting the Chinese import to US. “On the other hand, Washington will hinder China in establishing its influence in Southeastern Asia. Here an escalation in confrontation can be expected. US will try to draw Russia to its side and use its resources to harm China. But Russia will not do this. Here, of course, certain “cooling of relations” may emerge between the West and Russia, but this will be the previous level of confrontation, which existed during Obama’s administration,” Aleksandrov noted. That is, the relations between Russia and US will be quieter, although their controversies on Eastern Europe and Ukraine will remain.  

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