October 19
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YEREVAN. – According to the Julian calendar, Old New Year is celebrated on the night of January 13.

By and large, people in Armenia celebrate the Old New Year at home with family members.

Painter Lusik Aguletsi, however, expressed a view that Armenians’ interest toward national holidays—especially New Year—has gone, since they put no meaning in it and turn it solely into a feast.

In her words, one of the most important attributes of Armenian New Year is the ritual tree, which used to be decorated primarily with apples, pomegranates, and household dolls.

Also, Armenians used to mostly put seed of beans on the New Year’s table. As per Lusik Aguletsi, each seed has its meaning.

And wheat is associated with Jesus, as they are “brothers” and have the same fate.

In Lusik Aguletsi’s words, aside from Santa Claus, there also are other characters that preserve the Armenian national New Year’s values and rituals; but they are forgotten today.

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