August 08
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The statement of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, noting that any use of nuclear weapon against Russia and its allies will be considered as attack is just a warning to the West, Anatoly Tsyganok, head of the Center of Military Prognosis, Russian military expert, told Armenian correspondent.

So, according to him, if someone attacks any of the CSTO member countries, let's say Armenia, Moscow will react to this and take appropriate measures to protect its allies.

"In that case it will be almost comparable to the attack on Russia. It is approximately the same situation, as with NATO. If someone attacks one of member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, then all other member countries of this organization will surely support the ally which has been subjected to aggression," Tsyganok explained.

On the specifying question that the Russian President spoke not so much about usual attack, but, directly, about use of nuclear weapon against allies of Russia the military expert noted that Americans constantly said that,  if necessary, they would be ready to use even tactical ammunition with a nuclear stuffing. At the same time, as Tsyganok noted, agreements between Russia and the US on bilateral disarmament and the disposal of tactical ammunition have been reached in due time, however the American side hasn't fulfilled these requirements and its part of the obligations, which subsequently compelled the Russian political leadership to draw the appropriate conclusions.

Besides, according to the expert, the situation became  even more aggravated also because Washington, together with its allies, broke the promise to the Russian side and began to expand the North Atlantic Alliance, including countries of Eastern Europe which, earlier, were members of the Warsaw pact.

At the same time, head of the Center of Military Prognosis emphasized that  there were about 200 tactical ammunition with a nuclear stuffing left in Europe, which hasn't been utilized by Americans. Over 30 of them were in Turkey. But after the coup attempt and removal of the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan from office, this ammunition has been taken out by Americans from the territory of Turkey as Washington as Tsyganok noted, ever particularly trusted Ankara on this issue. And after the coup attempt, the mistrust to Turkey and Erdogan has increased even more which caused certain tensions between the two allied bloc states.

On March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that any use of nuclear weapon against Russia and its allies will be considered as attack.

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