August 08
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A group comprising Armenian and foreign nationals who falsified and sold several official documents has been exposed in Armenia. A criminal case has been brought against eleven people, including one foreign citizen.

Falsified documents attesting to undergoing military service in another country were sold.

The group also falsified and sold Armenian driving licenses, legal papers.

Switzerland and United States reacted to Armenian president’s decision to annual Armenia-Turkey protocols.  

The United States encourage Armenia and Turkey to keep the door open to pursuing reconciliation and normalization which carries important benefits for Turkey and Armenia, as well as the wider Caucasus region, US embassy said.

The foreign office of Switzerland, which was a mediator between the parties, said the efforts towards normalization is key for the stability and peaceful future of the region, and Switzerland remains available to support this process if requested.

Five members of the Armenia-U.S. Parliamentary delegation arrived in Washington, DC today for a week-long series of meetings organized by the Armenian embassy.

The meetings with the Congressional Armenian Caucus, Administration officials, think tank and foreign policy experts, and Armenian American leaders are scheduled.

The Armenian lawmakers held a special session on Tuesday to debate the powers of the president, holding a referendum, as well as the Cabinet staff before the country shifts to the parliamentary form of government.

The new Armenian government will include the prime minister, first deputy prime minister, two deputy heads of the cabinet and 17 ministers. Pursuant to a new bill, not solely the one-third of the MPs and the government, but also 200 thousand citizens may petition for a referendum on the adoption of the Constitution of Armenia and the making of amendments to it.

CSTO will not provide military assistance to Karabakh as it is a CSTO member, chief of the CSTO Joint Staff said.


He noted that a CSTO agreement is signed with Armenia, and, correspondingly, the CSTO has certain commitments to Yerevan. “Armenian citizens should be rest assured that in case of a threat, the CSTO will not leave them in danger,” Anatoly Sidorov added.

The residents of Armenia’s Ohanavan village blocked the road leading to this rural community.



They argued that Russia is not permitting vehicles from Armenia entering Russia from the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Georgia-Russia border, and therefore they are unable to export their agricultural produce to Russia. Later in the day they met with governor Ashot Simonyan who promised to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

FIFA unveiled a video shot 00 days ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.



The video features Russian president Vladimir Putin, FIFA president Gianni Infantino, Diego Maradona, Ronaldo and other famous players.