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YEREVAN. – Acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan of Armenia on Tuesday  held a meeting with Ambassadors accredited in Armenia and heads of international organizations having a diplomatic status, the acting PM’s office reported.

Karen Karapetyan thanked for accepting the invitation to attend this meeting, expressing confidence that the Ambassadors carefully followed the recent inner-political developments in Armenia, and the Armenian foreign ministry has been in touch with them on a daily basis. The acting PM also thanked all countries and international structures which during this period made balanced calls and messages directed for easing the tension and the peaceful process of the events.

The acting PM assured that Armenia will remain committed to all its international commitments and obligations, and we will make the necessary efforts to normally continue the ongoing reforms and other programs by the support of our partners.

“I want to state that our country did everything to prevent violence and create an atmosphere of national solidarity, to return the public life to its normal course. I think this is the best evidence of the maturity of democracy and state thinking in Armenia. In my opinion Armenia sent a clear signal to the world that it has created stable state institutions, formed a democracy which today is moving forward steadily," he noted.

According to him, all our state institutions will uninterruptedly continue their work to ensure the security and normal life of the Armenian citizens and guests which is a key indicator for the maturity of our statehood. The Armenian Armed Forces will continue to keep firm our borders, as well as to guarantee the security of Artsakh and its people.

"I am confident that all our international partners will continue following carefully so that Azerbaijan could have no illusions and could not resort to any adventurism by trying to take an advantage of the current situation in Armenia. This message should be clear to Azerbaijan. The stability, security of our region derives both from our interests and the interests of international community," Karapetyan added.

"I think you are aware that soon talks will be held with Mr. Nikol Pashinyan during which we will try to find solutions. The agenda is open, and as the talks suggest, each side can make its proposals. Regardless of everything, I once again want to state that all solutions should be civilized and logical, within the laws and the Constitution, and I assure you that I will do everything to ensure our people’s solidarity and unity and I am not hiding that I expect the same also from our partners”, the acting PM said.

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