January 23
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We all have to be hopeful about the future of Armenia, but we need to accept that it is not easy to uproot and destroy a corrupt system.

Word-renowned Armenian economist Daron Acemoğlu told the aforesaid to Agos Armenian weekly of Istanbul.

Acemoğlu said the new Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, had called him and asked whether he wished to help Armenia’s economy.

“I said, as someone from outside the country, I don’t know how and how much I can help, but I will gladly try,” Acemoğlu noted, in particular. “I want to visit [Armenia’s capital city of] Yerevan when I have the chance; but for family reasons, it’ unclear when I will go.

“There is a great hope in Armenia’s society and abroad that we are at a turning point. What is needed is a social transformation that will pave the way for a more competitive and more dynamic economy. Only the society of Armenian can lead such a change.”

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