September 16
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Family Network company is one of theleading cable TV and internet providers in Armenia. The company is now investing heavily in the sphere of telecommunication and plans TV provision (also catch-up function) and high-speed internet already via a fiber-optic network.

Armenian talked to Gevorg Yengibaryan, co-founder and CEO of Family Network about the achievements and future ambitious projects of the company.

Mr. Yengibaryan would you tell us about Family Network’s story and its achievements?

In 2006, I left for New York,the center of technology development,by Work and Travel project where at each turn one could see the world's largest players with innovative and other products not yet presented in our country.

The cable TV developed in the USA with giant steps and provided such a variety of services about which we were not even aware in Armenia. Thus, I set a goal to found a cable TV company in Armenia and upon my return I took some practical steps towards the achievement of my goal. After a while we – my two friends and I –  founded together Nor Nork CableService company. It was a rather difficult path: initially not having stable financial meanswe tried to do everything ourselves, thus having an opportunity to save money, butalso to learn the process completely: we installed the antennas at the roofs of the buildings ourselves, talked to residents in order to understand what they needed to offer them relevant services. Thus, we were responsible both for technical and administrative work for two years and we used our garage as an office, and we have still kept it as it was before.

As a result of a long-lasting patient and hard work in 2009 we were completely ready to enter the market, and since 2010 we have had subscribers who, by the way, are still with us. I think our success formula was that we did the work of an entire week in a day. In 2011 we chose a simple and memorable, symbolic name for us, i.e. MY TV, as, apart from the work duties,the whole team behaved like it was their own company demonstrating great love and high sense of responsibility.

In 2016 we expanded our activity and the scope of services: high-speed internet and high-quality digital channels: our consumers were already whole families. Since 1 January 2017 our brand name is Family Network.

And where is Family Network available today?

Our coverage is large enough, it includes 43 percent of Yerevan, including Nor Nork, Kentron, Erebuni, Nork-Marash administrative districts, Noragavit, as well as Kharberd, Ayntap, Marmarashen, Nor Kyuri, Jrahovit, Mrgavet communities of the Ararat region, Arinj, Jrvezh, Dzoraghbyur, Balahovit, Nor Gyugh, Kotayk communities and Abovyan city of the Kotayk region. We plan also to include Gegharkunik, Vayots Dzor, Syunik and Tavush regions in the near future. We have projects to enter new markets by all the directions of our activity and full package of services by the end of the year.

There are a lot of alternatives today in the market. Why should one choose your offer?

The main advantage of our services is that our subscribers can watch different channels on three various TVs by one package at home at the same time. Besides, taking into consideration the international experience of the sphere we plan to use cutting edge innovations connected with the television due to the overdeveloped technical solutions. The fiber-optic cable network will reach the subscriber's house by the so-called “optic to home” model creating a cutting edge network of unlimited and high-speed internet.

What are you working on now? Would you tell us about your upcoming plans and news?

We will implement a big investment project this year. We already represent two leading large Russian companies in Armenia. One of them is an investor of the fiber optic cable network, the other one is a workshop of cable television.

It's also very important to follow the development trends of the latest digital technologies and regularly present the most innovative solutions and offers to our clients. We should not be satisfied with the recorded results; otherwise, in case of stagnation any company will weaken and lose its place and position occupied in the market, especially in our sphere that grows day by day.

One thing is for sure: mastering the art of little steps, i.e. of strategy, we plan to expand our team and this will enable us to offer cutting edge, convenient and accessible services to our subscribers staying loyal to our adopted principles and working style.

What is the formula of success of Family Network company or what are the principles that the company is guided by?

We are a big family: our subscribers and the staff.Firstly, we know all our subscribers, we talk to them once or twice each month, and this enables us to get offers from them, be aware of problems and complaints.

And as I have already said every achievement is first of all the team effort. Despite the work, each member of the team supports the other members, and if 1+1 equals to 2, in our case it is always more than 2 by its recorded result.

If for many the business principles differ from the life principles, in our case it is not so.  All principles that we keep in life, we keep also in business.




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